Simple Grounding Exercise

How Do We Stay Grounded When The World Is in Flux?

 Needless to say, this year has been quite a roller coaster ride. From the pandemic to a raucous election here in the United States, we have all had little choice but to stay buckled up and  try to stay as sane as possible. It's often difficult to stay present and conscious for the endless social and political battles we face in this pandemic affected world. Let's explore our options for grounding.


In this installment of the Occultish Witch Academy we will share with you a simple grounding exercise. It may not be the answer to everyone's internal problems, but we share this with love and devotion to our witches with hopes that it will bring you all at least a little peace of mind. 

Energetic Basics: Explained

The truth of the matter is as plain as this: though there are infinite amounts of positive energetic forces, there are just as many in the darker sphere. The key is to gain control of our own energetic field so we can protect ourselves from the not so desirable. When we have good relationships with our energetic auras, we can be more aware of what other forces we allow in. Let us Begin...

Some People Won't Understand and It's Okay

Witches and Magic Folk have been type cast as evil, mad and untrustworthy for centuries. Here at Occultish we know how hard it is to communicate with others when we have these heightened senses with the other realms. We want you to know you are not alone. Oftentimes when magical people like ourselves are having a hard time, the shadows tend to quiver a bit more and the floor boards begin to squeak in a peculiar way. Don't let other people's lack of understanding upset you, now is the time to turn inward and find stability within oneself. 

The Exercise

 I highly recommend allowing yourself to a few minutes in the morning and night to practice this exercise, upon waking up and before bed. Find a comfy spot in a place where you feel safe and comfortable. This can be in your home, or at an outdoor location of your choosing. Start with your breathing, allow yourself to take deep and consistent long breaths. You can try breathing in for 7 seconds, hold for 8 seconds and exhale for 9 seconds for optimal effects. Feel present in your body as you allow yourself to be still and breathe. Allow yourself to continue breathing for as long as you like. Once you are finished, open your eyes and take a moment to energetically pat yourself on the back- it is incredibly difficult for many people to take this time for themselves. Be proud of yourself! When you have finished this breathing exercise, you can now speak aloud an incantation of your choosing. Feel free to use the incantation we have below or get inspired and write your own! 

Our words are spells and with these words I want to encourage you to feel energetically strong. 

"My energetic field is strong.
I am allowing myself to feel centered
I am allowing myself to understand my abilities
I know that I am special and I have the ability to gain control
External energies can not taint me
I am the decider and I hold the key
in my purest form, I allow myself to be." 


  • Wesley Underwood


  • Joann Casamassina

    Saying goodbye to 2020 it’s been the hardest year finding my true self and calling. Emotional a have been at its lowest and highest… I’ve had many obstacles to overcome. Meeting occultist has helped me understand and except who I truly am. Ty

  • Lexi

    Thank goodness for the new year 🥱
    It DEFINITELY HAS Been a roller coaster ride of emotions for me idk about y’all 🤗 I’m just glad it’s FINALLY a new beginning.

  • mr.puffs

    I’ve just done this and I am new to all this. I’ll continue on and read on about this occult or community. your spell by the way is so soothing.

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