8 Magickal Ingredients You Already Own

Kitchen Witch

The Magick In Your Pantry 

How to start where you are with kitchen witchery

In the mood for magick with no mugwort in sight? Never fear. A well-stocked magickal supply closet is a beautiful thing, but it’s not necessary to get started with spell work. There’s a lot of fairy dust hiding at your local grocery. You just have to know where to find it.

What is Kitchen Witchery?

Kitchen Witchery is the simple act of preparing and ingesting your food with intention. It’s a very accessible form of magick, and one you’ve probably done without even thinking about it. Have you ever made soup for a friend who was under the weather? Presto! You’re a baby kitchen witch.

What if I’m Not Into Cooking?

Herbs and spices don’t have to be whipped up into a recipe to serve their magickal purpose. You can use them in:

  • jar spells 
  • charm bags 
  • an offering to your favorite deity

Let yourself get creative and imagine the possibilities. Maybe you have more reason to explore that spice aisle than you thought!

Getting Started: 8 Magickal Ingredients You Probably Already Have (or could get for under $10.) 



Properties: Purification & Protection

Hocus Pocus fans know: A circle of salt can get you out of some sticky situations. Your plain old table salt has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Why not translate that to your magick? 

  • Sprinkle salt to protect your doorways from bad news and nasty visitors, from the earthly and spiritual plane.
  • Take an epsom, table, or sea salt bath to rid yourself of negative energy.
  • Spray salt water around your home to “clear the air” before magickal work, or after an unpleasant experience.



Properties: Clarity & Speed

Just ask any new parents in your life: coffee is magical. Studies have shown that even the scent of coffee gives us a little boost before the caffeine kicks in. Coffee has been used in ceremonial magick worldwide since its inception.

  • Spellwork feeling sluggish? Add some coffee grounds for a little extra kick.
  • Engage in a little french press visualization: As you push the grounds down, push away self-doubt. Drink in the confidence you need for a productive day.
  • Use your brew time for a mini-meditation: breath in the scent of coffee for mental clarity and focus.



Properties: Calming, and versatile depending on the blend.

If you’re in a work or home environment where you have to hide your witchiness away, tea is a discreet way to practice in plain sight. With tea, you can get your hands on some hard-to-find herbs, expertly blended with complementary ingredients. Here is a short primer on the magick of some popular teas:

Chamomile is a sunny yellow herb, making it a natural for Litha ceremonies. This tea has been used for centuries to calm the mind, and attract good luck. Some gamblers even wash their hands in chamomile! Use it in ritual, or drink a cup when you need to relax and trust that the universe has your back.

Mint tea can be used to awaken the senses & increase mental clarity. Like coffee, the scent alone is a nice pick-me-up. If you’re about to do some divination work, a cup of mint tea can help clear the clutter and silence your inner critic.

Earl Grey tea contains Bergamot, known for its stabilizing, balancing and uplifting qualities. Plagued by negative thoughts? Earl Grey is not a replacement for professional help, but can aid in self-confidence work.

bay leaves

Bay Leaves

Properties: Attraction, Success.

Bay leaves are well known in the witching world, and pretty easy to come by. Use Bay leaves when you’ve got a humble request for the gods.

  • Make a crown of bay leaves to mimic the laurels worn by ancient Roman warriors. Wear your crown and visualize yourself smashing through obstacles. You’re a winner, baby!
  • Write your petition or wish on a bay leaf and burn it.
  • Similarly, write the name of someone you’d like to hear from. This won’t “make” the person call you, but you’re likely to cross their mind.



Properties: Fertility, abundance & transformation.

Corn is surrounded by myth and folklore. It is a golden, abundant plant that can feed you in so many ways. Corn can be considered a vegetable, a grain, and even a fruit, making it a natural for transformative magick. Why not make your next movie night a little extra special?

  • As your popcorn pops, picture the change of circumstance you desire. If your popcorn pops generously, you’ll achieve your goal with ease. If there’s lots of kernels left over, you may want to repeat the spell throughout the week.
  • Get crafty! Make a rattle out of some popcorn kernels and a toilet paper tube. Use your rattle during ritual to “shake up” the old, stagnant patterns you wish to step away from. 


Now that you’ve got a few ideas in your toolkit, it’s time to get creative. Pick one of these kitchen witchery items. Meditate on this item's properties and recall your own memories of this witchy ingredient. 

When was your first memory of this item?

What sensation does this item give your senses? Taste, Touch, Feel, Color

What is the intention you would like to bring in accordance to this item's properties?

It is important to draw a deeper connection with our tools and witchcraft supplies as we work towards deepening our practice in magick. Once you have drawn this connection put it into practice with one of the mini rituals listed above in the article!

One Last Assignment

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